“One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent a way out” -Jeff Bezos

For inventor Doug Lewis, he saw a tight box and wanted to invent a way out.

Doug Lewis had an idea to create a new pond filtration system. After creating prototypes and creating a genius self-sustaining and self-cleaning filter, he had one problem: he needed the world to know about it. Doug reached out to us to help him show that idea to the world, so we started working together to bring his marketing vision to light. He had Colorado Arts Productions help him build his marketing from the ground up, trusting us to create his logo, build his website, design his company uniforms, and make an informative video about his new invention.

We started with logo and brand building. We wanted to create something that captured the initial mission of the company to create a filter that was easy to use and safe for both people and the environment, in addition to the self sustaining nature of the filter, so we decided on using the earth with his company name around it to evoke that dedication to nature. From there came pamphlet and apparel design, so we implemented the new logo and information into a pamphlet detailing everything his system can do, and then created apparel showing off the stylish new logo so that he and his crew would have uniforms to be proud of.

Next came video production and photography (our favorite parts of marketing). We went out and shot a comprehensive informational video about his filtration system with the help of his son as the spokesperson. After two good days of shooting video and photos, we edited them to get ready for delivery.

Last was website design, which we built from the ground up for him to ensure it was stylish and sleek. After lots of discussion, we were able to create a website to be proud of.

After working together for a few weeks, everything came together just as planned. After the nail-biting anticipation, he finally launched his website. He excitedly called us and told us how proud he was that he had finally reached this point, and how he kept telling all of his friends about it. After the website launched nothing could diminish his excitement – not even his home internet going down just a couple of minutes later.

Doug Lewis is not only an example of what we can do, but why we do what we do. He saw a need and wanted to solve it, so he created Oasis H2O Cleaning Systems. He had needs for his company, so we created all of the media, marketing, and design work that he needed. We at Colorado Arts Productions not only create video and photography content, but any multimedia that we can to help people succeed. At the end of the day, we want to not only provide solutions for multimedia and marketing so that people like Doug can focus on solving the problems they see, but we want to show the world what those solutions can do in the best light possible.