In a day and age where marketers are always trying to gain an edge on the competition, it’s important that any business owner, big or small, keep up with the ever-growing, and dynamic environment. The traditional or “old-school’ way of building brand awareness is not enough to build substantial ROI when your competitors can utilize numerous tools and channels at their disposal. One of these important tools is video. This isn’t limited to just commercials you might see on TV, but it can encompass a whole plethora of different ways to market your product, tell your story, and give your brand a personality. 

At the core of why anyone does anything related to marketing is ROI or Return on Investment. Research by WYZOwl shows that 87% of marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. The same study also found that 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads.   

This Positive ROI is a direct result of how video can increase sales and conversions. Many studies show that nearly 75% of people who saw a video explaining a product or service, went on to purchase. When customers can get a visual sense of the values you can bring them, it helps eliminate the decision-making process for a potential buyer weighing the pros and cons. 

This directly ties into what makes video a powerful tool to explain and communicate your worth to customers. Humans tend to remember images better than words and video can cause those who don’t have the time to swim through your website to figure out exactly what it is you do or provide. When a video that explains your business is short, entertaining, and easy to digest, it brings greater satisfaction to your potential customers than other competitors might not have provided. 

Another reason why you should incorporate video into your marketing efforts is that google loves videos. Since Google purchased Youtube in 2006, having some form of video on your website landing page has been shown to increase your chances of being on the first page of a google search. Videos also make customers spend more time on your page which bolsters where your ads will rank. 

Whether it be company culture, product, educational, or testimonial video, having creative advertisements and videos are essential to building up your corporation in the new age of information. Every company has a story to tell. Every brand has a personality to show. Keep your marketing efforts interesting and creative and it can set you apart from your competitors and dictate the way customers see who you are and what you offer.