Video Production

Colorado Arts Productions is Northern Colorado’s solution to unique multimedia creation. Through a large video production team with vast film industry experience and industry-standard motion picture cameras, animation software, and editing platforms, Colorado Arts is the go-to video production company for high-end photography and video production services. Whether you are looking for a music video producer or the best wedding videographer to document your special day, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today to get connected with our video production company in Northern Colorado!


Business People Planning Strategy Analysis Office Concept

Pre-production is the most important part of creating content besides filming it. Using the time before video production to plan for the most efficient, effective, and straightforward shoot that encapsulates the vision for the project is crucial in making sure that it is fulfilled to the utmost degree of quality we can provide. Pre-production includes:

  • Strategic Consulting and Vision Meeting to contemplate how to properly tell your story
  • Script Planning to ensure what needs to be said is done well
  • Location Scouting to find the proper atmosphere for your content
  • Story Boarding to visualize your content
  • Shot Listing to break down how we will film your content
  • Crew Planning
  • Equipment Preparation




The core of what we do: producing your content. In the production stage of a video production project, we go to our location, build out our cinema-quality cameras, have our lighting and sound experts create the best look and sound possible for your content, build out the set, and get filming. Here is where we get to create your story through our lens, having our director of photography, camera crew, lighting crew, and sound crew work together to turn your vision from paper to film.


  • RED Scarlet Weapon 5K Cinema-Grade Cameras
  • Odyssey 7Q+ OLED 4K Monitor/Recorder
  • Canon and Tamron Supersonic Lenses
  • Kino Flo Light Kits
  • Rode Microphones
  • And more to create your perfect film

Day of Filming:

  • Build
    • Cameras with our monitors, tripods, and lenses
    • Lighting using our Kino Flos and LED lightboards
    • Sound kit, whether that be boom or lav microphone
  • Film
    • Using our plans from pre-production and our built set, we will now film your content to the letter of your vision
  • Finish
    • Once we have wrapped up our filming, we will break down and pack up our equipment to conclude the day


Post Production

This is where it all comes together: your vision has now gone from paper, to film, to the editing room. Our skilled video editors will edit all of the footage we have filmed and create your video, fulfilling your vision from start to finish as they cut the pieces into a coherent whole. All the while, they will ensure that the sound is mixed and mastered properly, the colors graded to balance them properly and make your video look as good as possible, and design and implement any graphics and animation needed. We then revise the content with you to guarantee your vision is being fulfilled, and deliver you the finished product. Post-production includes:

  • Assemble Footage
  • Sound Design
  • Color Grading
  • Graphics Design
  • Editing Revisions
  • Final Delivery

At Colorado Arts Productions, we do everything from wedding videos and music video production to marketing videos, church videos, concert videos, and more. If you are interested in our video production services, contact our local film company in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!