1. Why Video Marketing Matters

    In a day and age where marketers are always trying to gain an edge on the competition, it's important that any business owner, big or small, keep up with the ever-growing, and dynamic environment. The traditional or “old-school’ way of building brand awareness is not enough to build substantial …Read More

  2. Oasis H20 Blog

    “One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent a way out” -Jeff Bezos For inventor Doug Lewis, he saw a tight box and wanted to invent a way out. Doug Lewis had an idea to create a new pond filtration system. After creating prototypes and creating a genius self-sustaining and self-…Read More

  3. Sand Dunes Trip

    This January, our team ventured off into the Great Sand Dunes for two days. Bringing our RED Scarlet packages, we had a blast shooting content for two new clients: Teddy Allen Gear and Apparel and Hale & Bradford. Was a beautiful drive that took us through some very scenic routes and we couldn…Read More

  4. Welcome To Colorado Arts Productions

    Welcome to our blog at Colorado Arts Productions! We plan on using this space to share information about our photography and video production services, as well as tips and tricks to help you make your own creative works even better. As the Top Rated Local® video production company serving Denver, …Read More